Monday, October 12, 2009

How do i call a number that my wireless account owner blocked?

My dad blocked a number that i frequently called so now i cant call that number. Is there anyway that i can get my phone to call that number or get it unblocked?
How do i call a number that my wireless account owner blocked?
1. How old are you? If you are 18 or older you can get your own cell phone, pay your own bill %26amp; call whom ever you like.

#2. Why was the number blocked in the first place? Is it for your own protection or for something someone did wrong?

#3. Who pays the cell phone bill? If it's your Dad then he is in control of the phone, the account, the bill and the calls made %26amp; received on HIS phone.

If it is THAT bad then you should move out, get a job, get your own phone %26amp; pay your own bill...or be greatful that you even have a Dad who is willing to go above and beyond to get you a phone and pay the bill, some people don't have that!!!
Reply:no you can't call it without unblocking it.

if you can get him to unblock it or try

to unblock it yourself by telling them you're

on his account.

another option - your mom could probably

get it taken care of.. she usualy only has

to just say that she's his wife.

some cell phone providers are a lot more

strict than others so it depends on what

you have.

good luck.
Reply:Get a job and buy your own phone, is the only other way. As long as he is paying for it you are at his mercy.
Reply:I'm not sure if this will work but, try typing *69 before the number. That will block your number and hopefully let you through. Hope I helped!

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